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Arbitration, Mediation & Resolution Council

(Under the aegis of NIVARAN TRUST)

Our aim

The council aims to provide and promote arbitration, mediation and conciliation for the fast and cost effective resolution of commercial disputes.

About us

AMRC is under the expertise of experienced lawyers having elaborate and extensive knowledge in ADR practice. AMRC is the finest institutional arbitration service centre operating all over India mainly in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Chandigarh and Pune etc. AMRC has been providing services to the utmost satisfaction of litigants/ disputants. We provide a framework for the conduct of the arbitration process, appoint arbitrators, and provide support services to the parties and the arbitral tribunal. AMRC also sets rules and procedures that govern the arbitration process, including the appointment of arbitrators, conduct of hearings, and issuance of awards.

Dedicated to fair justice

We are dedicated to ensuring a fair and efficient resolution of disputes in India through professional administration and supervision of the arbitration process, the appointment of qualified and impartial arbitrators, and the availability of support services for the parties and the tribunal. We have a platform that puts into practice a unique approach to resolving commercial disputes at virtually zero cost. This is possible by blending technology, human expertise and innovation to provide a fast, cost-efficient, paperless, effective and enforceable outcome.




DELHI OFFICE - 3/6, 2 floor, Roop Nagar, Delhi – 110007
MUMBAI OFFICE- 26, First Floor, Poddar Chambers, S.V. Brelvi Road, Fort, Mumbai – 400001

98101 16732